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Anshuman Abhishek
Anshuman Abhishek
Feb 25

In the heart of twilight's embrace,

Where shadows dance with gentle grace,

A symphony of whispers sigh,

Beneath the ever-painted sky.

With whispers soft, the night reveals

The secrets that the darkness seals,

Each star a spark, a tale untold,

In cosmic depths where dreams unfold.

The moon, a lantern in the night,

Guiding souls through darkness' flight,

Its silver beams, a gentle kiss,

Upon the earth, in quiet bliss.

In dreams, we wander, free from chains,

Through valleys deep and endless plains,

Where fantasy and reality blend,

In a world where time suspends.

O, let us drift in realms unseen,

Where wishes reign and hopes convene,

And let our spirits intertwine,

In poetry, eternal and divine.